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Industrial Automation Consulting

Geobit provide consulting service for PLC-based industrial automation. With 10 years of experience in Siemens PLC and associated systems, and other industrial expertise areas such as process controls, plant automation, and control systems, we are prepared to offer our expertise in solving your industrial needs. We do consulting work on development of automation control systems from the planning phase and upgrades/replacements for existing systems.

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Electronics Design

Geobit also design and manufacture small scale custom electronics for variety of applications: consumer appliance control, audio applications, custom small scale displays, and other consumer electronics.

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Software Development & Solutions

Geobit also offer custom software development and deployment consulting for industrial applications, online management, and other web-based business logic solutions. We work with customers to develop their web-based applications to support their online portion of their businesses. We develop server backend software, website frontend, and mobile applications. Geobit use the latest technology to support the software ecosystem: the Go programming language for backend service, and Flutter for rapid and functional application development.

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